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8 More Tips for Introverts To Survive The Holidays

Way back in 2012, I wrote my first 8 tips for surviving the holiday season.  And as that time of year is upon us again, I thought a few more tips might help you get through this occasionally trying time for introverts. 1.  Make your post-party plans Yes, you have to show up for that […]

I’m Back!

So I never intended to take a 14-month break from blogging.  And I’m very excited to be back! I have to say, 2013 was a pretty crappy year for me.  I was underemployed or unemployed for most of it; worrying about my finances was one of the most exhausting and depressing experiences I have ever […]

Confidence Looks Different for Introverts

When I started this blog almost three years ago, it was called “The Confident Introvert.”  I chose that name because I think there is a perception that many introverts are not confident.  After all, we’re still often defined as anti-social, shy loners – and that doesn’t sound very confident, does it? I think introverts can […]

Confidence for Introverts — Step #1: Accept Yourself

confidence (noun) — belief in oneself or one’s powers or abilities I think there’s a myth that introverts as a group lack self-confidence; our desire for being alone or remaining quiet is seen as meekness or weakness.  I know plenty of introverts who are quite confident. Still, there are plenty of introverts who feel they […]

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Dear Extroverts — Please Don’t Worry When Introverts Are Quiet

You know how sometimes an idea keeps presenting itself to you in various ways until you feel it’s a sign of something? That’s how this post came about. In a couple of other blog posts I’ve read lately, the idea of silence as a negative kept popping up. So here’s an open letter to all […]

Why Introverts Rock At Social Media FREE Ebook!

Hi, everyone — I’m back! I can’t thank you enough for all the kind emails and comments I received on my last post.  This is exactly why I love this medium so much. The encouragement and support was almost overwhelming.  I’m deeply grateful. I’m not sure I learned any big lessons, but the break was […]

Can Introverts Get Addicted to Ideas?

It occurred to me yesterday that I am addicted to ideas. We all know that on a basic level, introverts are drawn inward.  “Introverts draw energy from their internal world of ideas, emotions and impressions” (emphasis in original) per The Introvert Advantage (aff link). But I think there is a difference between being oriented to […]