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Confidence Looks Different for Introverts

When I started this blog almost three years ago, it was called “The Confident Introvert.”  I chose that name because I think there is a perception that many introverts are not confident.  After all, we’re still often defined as anti-social, shy loners – and that doesn’t sound very confident, does it? I think introverts can […]

Confidence for Introverts — Step #1: Accept Yourself

confidence (noun) — belief in oneself or one’s powers or abilities I think there’s a myth that introverts as a group lack self-confidence; our desire for being alone or remaining quiet is seen as meekness or weakness.  I know plenty of introverts who are quite confident. Still, there are plenty of introverts who feel they […]

Blog Housekeeping: RSS and Email Subscribers

I’ve made some changes to how RSS and email subscriptions work for Quietly Fabulous.  I’ll try to keep this quick and easy. Since this blog started, I’ve been using Feedburner to create an RSS feed.  People could follow the RSS feed via any RSS feed reader (such as Google Reader or Feedly) or sign up […]

Five Ways For Introverts To Clear Your Mind Before Writing

Almost a month ago, someone left a comment on a post asking how to quiet the mind for writing.  And I finally got around to answering it! I think this can be especially difficult for introverts.  We love that rich, inner world of ideas.  But when the ideas all start talking to you at the […]

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Dear Extroverts — Please Don’t Worry When Introverts Are Quiet

You know how sometimes an idea keeps presenting itself to you in various ways until you feel it’s a sign of something? That’s how this post came about. In a couple of other blog posts I’ve read lately, the idea of silence as a negative kept popping up. So here’s an open letter to all […]

Why Introverts Rock At Social Media FREE Ebook!

Hi, everyone — I’m back! I can’t thank you enough for all the kind emails and comments I received on my last post.  This is exactly why I love this medium so much. The encouragement and support was almost overwhelming.  I’m deeply grateful. I’m not sure I learned any big lessons, but the break was […]

Can Introverts Get Addicted to Ideas?

It occurred to me yesterday that I am addicted to ideas. We all know that on a basic level, introverts are drawn inward.  “Introverts draw energy from their internal world of ideas, emotions and impressions” (emphasis in original) per The Introvert Advantage (aff link). But I think there is a difference between being oriented to […]