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introvert data

Turning Off The Tap: Limit Your Data Intake To Maintain Focus

We live in a crazy world.  There is always something — or someone — vying for our attention.  But what do you do when you really need to focus? I inadvertently did a focus experiment at work a couple of weeks ago.  It was a couple of days before Christmas and the volume of emails […]

most popular posts

Most Popular Posts — Extended Version

Hello, introverts! I hope you’ve been able to join the holidays in your way — with plenty of time for recharging.  If you have a few moments to catch up on your reading, I’ve got a few posts you might want to check out. Most people are sharing their most popular posts of 2014.  Since […]

surviving parties

8 More Tips for Introverts To Survive The Holidays

Way back in 2012, I wrote my first 8 tips for surviving the holiday season.  And as that time of year is upon us again, I thought a few more tips might help you get through this occasionally trying time for introverts. 1.  Make your post-party plans Yes, you have to show up for that […]

I’m Back!

So I never intended to take a 14-month break from blogging.  And I’m very excited to be back! I have to say, 2013 was a pretty crappy year for me.  I was underemployed or unemployed for most of it; worrying about my finances was one of the most exhausting and depressing experiences I have ever […]