In Defense of Going Slowly — Why I’m Cutting Myself Some Slack

26. Life in the Slow Lane Even though I know how wrong it is – and how harmful to myself – it’s difficult to stop comparing myself to others.

I see other bloggers being unbelievably (to me, at least) prolific.  Lots of blogs posts, newsletters, products, courses, etc.  I mean, it makes sense that I follow people who are successful, who know what they are doing.  They have blazed the path that I want to follow.

But …

I have to stop comparing myself to them, especially since, whenever I do that, I come up short.  I don’t know if it’s an introvert/extrovert thing or not (though I think in part it is), but I just don’t work that fast.  I need time to think.

My head is stuffed with ideas; hundreds of them!  I’m an idea hoarder – I like to fill my head with all kinds of facts and knowledge, because I never know when I am going to need them or use them.

Those ideas float around in my head and slowly build upon themselves – turning into blog posts or e-book ideas or my new email marketing course.  They will get out of my head at some point (they have to, or I’ll probably go crazy!).  But I’m going to defend my percolation time.  I’m not going to force myself to get stuff done just to get stuff done.

I am an introvert – I am slow, careful and deliberative.  I don’t go too fast (and I ususally stumble a bit when I do).  I will take my time and not beat myself up for it.

So there.


    • Susan says

      Hi, Laura — Thanks for sharing that post! I suspected people felt similar to me, but it’s nice to actually see (and read) it. :)

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