Introvert SuperPower: Listening

introvert listeningToday, I’m starting a 10-week series on introvert superpowers.  Introverts have so many great skills and talents.  Sometimes they are so ingrained in our behavior that we forget how special they are.  I want to take some time to acknowledge our best assets.

Listening seems to be one of those skills that is slowly dying.  Do you ever watch the Sunday morning political talk shows?  I don’t – because it’s basically just a bunch of people sitting around, hearing three words from the “opposing view” and then interrupting with their own thoughts.  Ever watch a couple of Real Housewives try to settle an argument? No listening there. (Yes, I may watch one or more Real Housewives shows.  No, I’m not proud of it.)

You can learn so much from listening.  It goes far beyond the words people use – it also includes the words they don’t use, the inflection in their voice, their body language, their facial expressions.  It is a world of clues and input.

Which is precisely why introverts are so good at it.  We like data.  We like input.  We like listening to people.  We listen to learn, to understand, to analyze, to be fair, to be kind.  We listen closely and seek deep understanding.  Our extrovert friends love talking to us because it’s a win-win situation – they get to talk and we get to listen!

Do you need to make a decision between two tough choices? Find an introvert.  They will listen carefully and advise wisely.  Going to miss a lecture that sounds interesting? Find an introvert who attended; they’ll give you a concise and well-thought-out summary of what was said.  Need to vent?  Find an introvert.  They will listen without interrupting or turning the conversation toward themselves.

In a world where everyone seems to want to talk, introverts still want to listen.  It doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to say.  It just means that we know that listening is a vital part of any conversation.

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