Introvert SuperPower: Analyzing

This is the fourth in a 10-part series on introvert superpowers.  Read the other posts in the series: Listening; Concentrating; Observing.

Imagine early man, searching for food.  A group of hunters approach the edge of a clearing.  A large herd of animals ahead looks like easy pickings.  A few hunters wait and watch, wanting to be cautious.  Others charge ahead in the rush for food, only to be attacked and killed by another group of predatory animals off to the side.

Guess who were the extroverts?

I’m being silly to prove a point.  At some point in man’s development, the ability to analyze allowed man to survive.  There are times that call for action. But there are just as many times that call for calm, deliberate action.  And that’s something that introverts do extraordinarily well.

Our longer brain pathways and the ability to reach into long-term memory mean we’ve got a ready store of facts available to us.  It is second nature to us to access those facts and thoughts and compare them to the present situation.  Employers — even if they don’t know it — want introverts on their teams.  We can evaluate processes, check for accuracy, find the weak points and plan for contingencies.

Analyzing calls for almost constant processing of thoughts and ideas — the very thing that gives introverts energy.  To extroverts, we’re just sitting in a corner thinking.  They can’t understand how we get energy from things that don’t involve other people.  That’s just the way our brains work.

We can over-think and we can be over-cautious.  But that doesn’t ever mean you should hurry a decision or move forward with uncertainty.  Move at your own pace. Let the extroverts go for the quick kill.  We’ll be sitting over here thinking things through.

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