Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Books?

I’ve been meaning to take this picture forever, because it’s a little ridiculous, isn’t it?  See that look on my face? Even I think I have too many books!

Last week, I tweeted one of my old posts about being addicted to ideas.  Tasha at The Inner Net saw it and posted a comment and then wrote a post on her own blog.  Today I called her my secret twin, because clearly we both are highly energized by ideas (as are most introverts).  (Also, we’re both scanners/sparklers/multipotentialites.)

Today is just showing you the evidence.  This pile of books is, as you can see, almost as tall as I am.  And I’m 5′ 7″.  This pile does not include another three or four unread books on my Kindle Fire.  And I just bought another one today that comes out on Thursday. (Chris Brogan’s The Impact Equation!).

You can’t read the titles but I can tell you there’s everything from psychology to language to business to history.  It’s about three quarters non-fiction and one-quarter fiction.  And, of course, this doesn’t include the approximately 1,000 books in my house that I’ve already read.  (Seriously, I counted.)

I’ll get to them all eventually.  Just have to stop buying new ones though!

AND — My very first guest post is now live at the lovely Tia’s Your Life Your Way blog!  It’s about how scanners are primed for the new world order since learning fast is something they do very well.  Please check it out!  And comment maybe? Sadly no one has yet!







  1. says

    Oh wow Susan. I think our book stacks are about the same. I’m also an introverted mutipotentialite (have you seen the Puttylike blog by Emile Wapnick?) I’m so utterly addicted to ideas and business that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to make up my mind on what business to start. For me it’s like trying to choose a favorite child. I can’t do it. I’ve had like 2,576 blogs that I collected like books and when I was done with that topic it was on to the next. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m not supposed to choose just one thing. Or maybe I should choose a few things that suit multiple areas of my life and then continue learning on the side. For now it’s going to be adventures in introversion at

    I added you to my Quiet Storm list not too long ago on Twitter and had been meaning to check out your blog. I’m so glad I did and I’m so sorry it took me sooooo long, you know, with my babies (aka books) and all I get quite swept away.

    I’m curious. What topics are you learning right now? It would be so cool if we could be study buddies should we ever meet on the superhighway of nonfiction :)

    • Susan says

      Hi, Mariah — Thanks for stopping by! Just checking out your Web site; looks very cool. I know Emilie’s site well; in fact, I just officially joined her Puttypeep tribe this week. The site is great even though I haven’t gone very far yet. I’m guessing I will find lots more introvert multipotentialites!

      My current learning is all over the place, as usual. :) I’m teaching myself to sew and continue to dabble in knitting. I’m working on a couple of ebooks and thinking about putting together an online course on email marketing (probably for Udemy — a great source of online learning, by the way). I’m also 99% sure I’m going to do NaNoWriMo this month, so I’m reading up on gothic literature to get the ideas flowing.

      I’ll definitely subscribe to your blog so we can stay connected. :)

      • says

        Haha. NaNoWriMo. I tried that. Let’s just say I still have my outline from last year and it would be cheating to start from that point this year so I won’t be doing it again this year. Now sewing, that’s something I’m working on. I wrapped myself in duct tape to make a mannequin for fitting clothes. Complete. Waste. Of. Time. I’m interested to see what you make though. Thanks for connecting Susan :)

  2. says

    Hi! Found your site via Puttytribe. Fellow introvert — as you might have guessed!

    Honestly, I’m a bit envious of how few books are in that stack. I’m not going to tell you how many I have (mostly unread), either in physical form (multiple very large bookshelves) or digital form (mmm, gigantic memory cards…). Let’s just say I don’t think you have anything to worry about (…yet?)!

    That’s really interesting about introverts being energized by ideas. I definitely think that’s the case for me. I love to read (and listen to audiobooks), though I never end up feeling like I have enough time to do so! There’s something about owning books, though, even if they’re unread — it’s like you’re surrounded by all kinds of potential, by a vast pool of ideas and new things to learn that you can dip into any time you like :)

    • says

      I feel the same way about books Erin. I’m a collector of sorts. I suppose when the world has gone totally digital, we’ll be the last group of people who own physical books. I open for trades if that day should ever come lol.

    • Susan says

      Yay! Another multipod! I’m guessing most introverts (and most multipods too) have stacks of books laying around. We are all idea junkies. :)

  3. Savanna says

    Oh my. If you think you have too many books, I am most certainly a hoarder of them.. I have over 300 in my room, not including the many boxes full in my closet. I agree with your philosophy about ideas, though! I noticed that I seem to be very compelled to discussing theories in particular.

  4. says

    I can’t believe I only just found this post today! I definately need to work out a better way to find when people link to The-Inner-Net! Clearly I’ve missed a setting somewhere!

    Anyway, secret twin, that’s a great stack of books you have their! I’m not sure I dare pull them all together into one pile … I don’t have a kindle yet, but I do have a collection of audiobooks on the go …. do podcasts count? As I’ve got loads from Sounds True that are great for when I’m driving, but are piling up at the moment.

    Anyway hope day 2 of NaNoWriMo goes well! I’m off to have a look at !

    • Susan says

      I try to keep from buying new books, but there’s so much good stuff out there!

      Missed day 1 of writing, but catching up today — thanks!

  5. Larry says

    I just found you and your online work today. I’m so excited (more like relieved)!

    I have a terrible habit of not finishing books because I get attracted to a new idea or read an article about an idea and a corresponding book. And then I’m off to get the new book. Unfortunately for my pocketbook, I’m a recent acolyte to Kindle. In two years I’ve amassed over 200 books. It is my drug of choice. Damn you Amazon!

    Thanks for doing what your doing for your fellow intovert and idea addicts!

    • Susan Steele says

      Ha — I have the EXACT same problem with my Kindle. It’s the instant gratification. You click one button and you instantly have all that knowledge right at your fingertips. I’m trying to make myself slow down and check my local library first — but it’s not always easy.

      Glad you like the site! :)

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