Once upon a time there was a girl named Susan.  She was quiet and a little shy.  She liked to read a lot and fill her head with stories and knowledge.

She was always interested in many different things.  In the sixth grade, she wanted to be an archaeologist.  In the eighth grade, she wanted to be a forensic scientist.  For a while in high school, she considered being a lawyer.  But everyone told her she was too quiet to be a lawyer, so she became a legal secretary instead.

She loved school and learning – and her teachers always said she was the best student.  She never had a burning ambition to do only one kind of job, so she changed careers often and learned all kinds of things she could take to her next job.  She never dreaded performance reviews because her employers always loved her and she got promotions and raises.

She started working at a museum and became a project manager.  This job was a litprofile pic dec 2014tle different than the others; now she was managing people all day.  And she had to give lots of presentations to groups both small and large.  It was difficult at first, but she got better and better.

Then one day during a team building exercise, she learned she was an introvert.  And everything started to make sense.  She discovered it was perfectly normal to dislike parties; she liked long one-on-one conversations, not lots of chit chat.  She learned that she could handle networking and large events, but that they made her tired and she needed a lot of rest afterward.  She realized that having just a few close friends was more comfortable for her and she didn’t feel guilty about it anymore.

Susan lost her shyness and started feeling more confident when she realized there was nothing wrong with her.  Then she started a blog and found lots of other introverts who were just like her.  It made her very happy.  And social media came along and made connecting with new friends even easier.

Now Susan has a mission – to help quiet people advocate for themselves and be proud of being an introvert.   The Quietly Fabulous e-newsletter comes out once a month and you can sign up here.  Or join the Facebook page and find a small but growing community of quietly fabulous people.